The sassy system

thesassy system

The sassy system

Making R Easier for Everyone

The sassy system is an integrated set of packages designed to make programmers more productive in R, particularly those with a background in SAS® software. The system leverages useful concepts and thought patterns to create a more efficient and satisfactory R programming experience.


R has great strengths in statistics, data wrangling, and graphics. However, there are still weaknesses in other areas. Some tasks, such as creating a log, formatting values, managing datasets, and creating a report, are much more difficult than they should be. The sassy system was developed to improve R in these areas. The system leverages concepts from SAS® software that make programming in R faster and easier for everyone.

Click here to learn more about the sassy system as a whole, and see how the packages work together. Or you can explore the individual packages below.



The logr package

A logging system for normal people, and everyday programs.


The libr package

Create a libname, a data dictionary, and write a data step in R.


The fmtr package

Brings simplicity, flexibility, and power to data formatting.


The reporter package

The reporting package everyone has been waiting for.


The common package

A collection of utilities to solve common problems in R.


The procs package

A package to simulate some SASĀ® procedures in R.


The following packages perform more specialized tasks that compliment the sassy system.


The definer package

Generate a define.xml from metadata.


The fetch package

Examine and fetch data from the file system.


The ards package

Easily create an Analysis Results Dataset.