The sassy system

thesassy system

The sassy system

R Packages for SAS® Programmers

The sassy system is an integrated set of packages designed to make SAS® Programmers more productive in R. The system leverages familiar concepts and thought patterns to create a more efficient and satisfactory R programming experience.


SAS® Programmers who come to R are often frustrated with how difficult R can be to perform common tasks. Tasks which take a small amount of code in SAS® can take dozens or hundreds of lines of code in R. Instead of focusing on their analysis, programmers spend hours trying to accomplish a simple task like creating a log, loading data files into memory, or writing a half-way decent report. The sassy system was built for these programmers. The system offers a set of packages that make programming in R much more similar to programming in SAS®.

Click here to learn more about the sassy system as a whole, and see how the packages work together. Or you can explore the individual packages below.



The logr package

A logging system for normal people, and everyday programs.


The libr package

Create a libname, a data dictionary, and write a data step in R.


The fmtr package

Brings simplicity, flexibility, and power to data formatting.


The reporter package

The reporting package everyone has been waiting for.